Press Release
[Automotive Week] Offroad OXK, Introduced Extreme Offroad Remodeled Jeep Wrangler 2017-09-10

Offroad OXK, has attended '2017 Automotive Week' held in Exhibition Hall 1 and outdoor exhibition in KINTEX, Ilsan, that took place from Sep. 8th(Fri) to 10th(Sun) and introduced various tuning offload vehicles.

The extreme offload remodeled Jeep Wrangler that was introduced features, 4WD, maximum output of 176hp, maximum torque of 15kgf.m, maximum speed 110km/h and 100km/h mileage. It is also mounted with high-density energy cell compatible with HPEVS AC-51 induction motor, which is suitable for vehicle operation, Kokam 200Ah battery, multi-cell management system, Orion BMS battery management system with high software and programming convenience, AC motor for electric vehicles, and a controller Cutis motor controller.

Offroad OXK is the largest jeep maintenance company in Korea, from jeep tuning supplies, Jeep insurance repair to 4x4 offroad tuning customs.

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